"Several analyses have shown the test is totally ineffective at predicting people’s success in various jobs, and that about half of the people who take it twice get different results each time," Stromberg writes.

Stromberg says one of the key flaws to the test is that it relies on “limited binaries”. Most humans, he says, fall along a spectrum and are not easily classified into opposite choices. People aren’t exclusively extroverts or introverts - and where they fall on the spectrum can fluctuate widely based on how they are feeling at the moment.

I’ve been saying this for years. Myers-Briggs is a load of old tosh. You might as well rely on astrological personality descriptions.

I’ve been typed INTJ, INTP, ISTP, and ESTJ.  I can relate somewhat to all of the character descriptions of these types (see Forer effect?)

If anything, I think MBTI picks up introverted/extroverted tendencies, so it’s probably more likely to be useful than a horoscope.  BUT I suspect the rest of it is pretty fuzzy.

Speaking of music I listened to obsessively my freshman year, here’s “Chicken Song” by Regina Spektor.

So I keep dancing with this deadweight round my ankles
And it thickens every time I turn away
There’s something spartan in the way we choose our battles
There’s something spartan in the way we cast our stones
It takes a bit more than a kiss for the princess to awaken
And a bit less than a fuck for her to stay awake

So don’t go away
Be my view for today
I just wanna see something lovely as I look outside my window
It’s like a system here
Another day, another year
Another joke, another beer
And I’m slipping through [my fingers]

One of my favorite Spektor songs by far, plus you have the great opening line: “Stop jerking off and eat your chicken, baby.”

Tony Rice improvising on “Shenandoah” at some bluegrass festival.  This is a clip from a documentary on modern bluegrass, so there’s an annoying bit near the end where a narrator talks over the music.  Other than that it’s pretty sweet.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time listening to this, Tchaikovsky, and Regina Spektor my freshman year of college instead of doing homework…

"Church Street Blues" by Tony Rice

At one point he says “Folded up my ol’ billfold and threw it far away”, which made me realize that (1) I’ve always used/accepted the word “billfol” as another word for a wallet and (2) perhaps because of the way I grew up pronouncing it, but I never realized that “billfol” == “bill fold”.

To be fair, I’ve never seen it written out before, though.

Anyway, Tony Rice is one of my earliest musical memories and I freaking LOVE his voice.

So they always put a girl character in movies for someone to fall in love with?

my 7 year old son (astutely calling attention to the lack of female leads in action and adventure films).

While watching Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz flirt in POTC On Stranger Tides my son asked me “Why is there always romance in every movie?” He had asked the same question last week when we watched Kirsten Dunst and Toby Maguire have their memorable moment in the rain in Spiderman. He’s 7 and not a fan of kissing scenes. I try to explain that many people, especially adults, enjoy romance so it’s a popular thing in movies.

He responds with “So they always put a girl character in for someone to fall in love with?” And I am floored, because I realize the message Hollywood has sent my child is that you only need to include one female character - and it’s not so she can be the hero. If a 7 year old boy can recognize that women in action films are nothing but a plot device it is time for the film industry to admit they have a problem.

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